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about us
Witility was created on the founding team’s strong belief of the superiority of alternative energy compared to other available energy solutions. The belief stems from the sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cost efficient characteristics of alternative energy. With a significant energy scarcity issue in the region, matched with rich alternative resources, further strengthens Witility’s commitment to its approach to energy solutions.
For this reason, the company provides turnkey alternative energy solutions with full support across the project chain, from engineering, implementation, to operations and maintenance. The aim is to empower energy consumers, from personal to sovereign, through providing an alternative to current energy solutions, that is easily installable and maintained, and cost efficient.
Witility builds on the legacy of its parent company, a leading high quality Electro-Mechanical and Power contractor based in Riyadh, KSA. The group has been in business for more than 4 decades, with extensive experience in implementing projects for the public and private sector in the MENA region.
The parent company specializes in works related to highly technical and sophisticated projects, such as research facilities, laboratories, and hospitals. The parent company saw Witility and alternative energy solutions as the next natural step where it can leverage its expertise, and be involved In a novel and growing field, alternative energy.
We serve a diverse customer base including residential, commercial, industrial, and utilities. Our customers range from a variety of industries such as educational institutions, corporates, hospitals, banks, industrial clients, and non-profit organizations.